What does your favorite moment in rock’n’roll history look like? Is it an electric moment of a performer onstage at a show? Is it a candid backstage scene or a snapshot captured at just the right time? Smithsonian Rock & Roll is now open for submissions, and we’re looking for rock’n’roll as it has never been seen before with photos sent in by YOU.

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Help us tell the story of rock ‘n’ roll!
Smithsonian is asking the public to dig through their attics, basements, closets, shoe boxes, digital cameras, photo albums and photo upload sites and send us photographs and stories that illustrate great moments in rock ‘n’ roll history. We want rock’n’roll as seen through your eyes: at clubs, concerts, festivals, and beyond. This site will be used to inform several upcoming projects on the history of rock ‘n’ roll at the Smithsonian. For instance, Smithsonian Books is compiling a book of rare or never-published photographs telling the history of rock ‘n’ roll, and may select photographs or stories from the Smithsonian Rock ‘n’ Roll Website for inclusion in that publication, or a related exhibition.
OPEN UNTIL December 1, 2016