Help us tell the story of rock ‘n’ roll! Smithsonian is asking the public to dig through their attics, basements, closets, shoe boxes, digital cameras, photo albums and photo upload sites and send us photographs and stories that illustrate great moments in rock ‘n’ roll history.

Send us your Jimi Hendrix pictures. Your Patti Smith shots. Your Radiohead photos. We want rock’n’roll as seen through your eyes: at clubs, concerts, festivals, and beyond. This site will be used to inform several upcoming projects on the history of rock ‘n’ roll at the Smithsonian. For instance, Smithsonian Books is compiling a book of rare or never-published photographs telling the history of rock ‘n’ roll, and may select photographs or stories from the Smithsonian Rock ‘n’ Roll Website for inclusion in that publication, or a related exhibition.

Important Rules for Your Submission

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  • Certain venues and bands welcome photography, but not all do. Only submit images that you own and for which you have the necessary permissions from any persons or entities that own the content and intellectual property rights. By submitting an image and/or story, you represent and warrant that, when taking the photo, you did not break any applicable venue, event, or performer rules against photography or otherwise violate a person or entity’s rights.
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